Lightweight Cabinets for your Home on Wheels

Welcome to Campervan Cabinet Company

Our Campervan cabinets

Our cabinets are made from Lightweight Plywood .

They come flat packed and are easy build for Self Build Campervan convertions.  You can choose either a cabinet with  a curved door or from the flat door options. Various sizes available.

Cabinets come in plywood finish and can be painted ,sprayed or covered in a wrap.

We are working on various cabinet styles for differend size vans and will be increasing our range

Keeping your furniture as light as possible  helps with the fuel efficiency of your van.


The Cabinets come in various sizes to suit a variety of different size vans.  Sizes are listed in catagories as a guidence   but  you can mix                                                           an match different sizes to suit whatever space you have in you van.  

Cabinets for Larger Vans

Cabinets which are suitable for larger Vans E.G Crafter, Mecedes, Transit,Luton ETC

Cabinets for Day Vans

Cabinets which are suitable for smaller Vans E.G  VW, Ford Custom, Renault Traffic ETC

Covering inspiration

The cabinets come in ply finish and can be finished in different ways. After a good sand they can be easily painted or sprayed.
They can be wrapped in easily accessable coverings or covered in a specially designed wrap